Regular paperweight experience


Regular paperweight experience


Try your hand and shaping molten glass into a Paperweight!

Take a chance and try working with molten glass at Amokura Glass! The techniques required to make a paperweight have been around for thousands of years. They offer an exciting glimpse into the world of glass blowing. Paperweights are the first creation every glass artist makes. They are cheerful, colourful and a great way to remember your experience. All classes are run by experience glass craftswoman, Heather Kremen.

Students work one on one with Heather to create a paperweight to take home and show off to their whanau and friends… after each piece has had a chance to cool down over night that is!

Experiences are 30 minutes per person.

Please book your session by emailing us, contact@amokuraglass, or calling us, 02108055166, at least a week in advance. Experiences are normally offered between 1pm- 5pm on Friday, Saturday, and Monday.


-Must be 14 yrs or older.

-Must be in good physical health, able to hear and see well.

-Classes are 30 minutes each, students must arrive 30 minutes ahead of time for a Health and Safety briefing.

-Must wear close toed shoes, long pants, and a shirt made of natural fibers (cotton, wool, linen…) during the lesson. Long hair has to be tied up and there can be no dangling clothing or jewelry worn.

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