to Oct 3

Hot Shop Turn Off

From July- September we will be turning off our furnaces to do some general maintenance and repairs to our equipment. This is a regular part of running a hot glass studio and will happen every 2 years.

This winter we will:

-Change out the furnace crucible (the ceramic pot that holds the molten glass in the furnace)

-Rebuild the doors to the small glory hole (the reheating chamber)

-Redesign the pneumatic system that opens the small glory hole doors

-Rebuild the annealer (the cooling oven) to move the heating elements from the floor to the walls

-Paint the inside of the gallery

If we have extra time and money, we will try:

-Recast the door sill to the furnace

-Renovate the gallery

-Fix the leak in our roof, and

Our gallery will remain open, but with limited hours. We might also need to be closed some weekends so that we can do work that would would be too hazardous to the public. We will let you know of these times via facebook and signs at the shop.

If you would like to keep up to date with what repairs we are doing and how the studio is progressing sign up for our mailing list or check out our updates on facebook and instagram.

Thank you for your patience during this time!

If you would like to help support the studio’s maintenance and rebuild we encourage you to come in to buy some glass! it looks great in your home and makes great gifts! We do welcome donations as well.

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to Feb 18

CoLab Conference

New Zealand and Australia's first join glass arts conference is happening in Whanganui! 

Our artists will be participating in this event so there will be no glass blowing demo's. The shop will remain open for customers looking to purchase something from the gallery.

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to Oct 8

Raise a Glass~

Buy a glass so you can raise a glass to Spring! Come celebrate the warmer months by purchasing a hand made, one or a kind, glass cup. These will be perfect for all those cool drinks favored in the summer heat. 

Beer mugs, wine goblets, water glasses, juice cups, you name it we have it! Buy a matching set or mix and match to create a unique collection for your family to use. Jugs, carafes and decanters will also be featured so you can share the good times. 

Not only can you buy your own special glass, but you can also see how they're made. We will be giving demos on how to make a cup all weekend long!

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12:30 PM12:30

Roses are Red

Today's dedicated to roses. Come into the gallery to watch as we create life like red roses out of glass! Each rose will be constructed from 7 different pieces of glass. Watch the magic happen as they're seamlessly joined to create the finished flower. 

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