Heather fell in love with glass when she took her first glass blowing class in 2007 at Crystal Forge in Omaha, USA. Learning under Ed Fennel, Heather not only learned the basics of blowing glass but was inspired to look up other glass artists and techniques. Moving to Minnesota for college, Heather began a mentorship under David Royce at Foci, Minnesota’s Center for Glass Art, and then took a year to study abroad at Tokyo Glass Arts Institute in Tokyo, Japan.

Returning to the USA in 2010, she spent the next 7 years working and taking classes at the Corning Museum of Glass, New York, at Bullseye Glass, California, at Pittsburgh Glass Center, Pennsylvania and at Foci Glass, Minnesota. In each of these places Heather was able to learn different techniques— blowing, carving, casting, coldworking, flame working, fusing, murrini, neon, rolling up, sand casting and sculpting—which she has perfected and uses in her work. In 2017, Heather decided to move back to New Zealand to take over the glass studio, De Flute Glass now Amokura Glass, in Rotorua.

Heather Kremen is known for her mastery over a broad range of glass techniques and her ability to combine them seamlessly into complexly patterned work. She loves the round forms made from blown glass and the simple elegance of how the glass flows in the furnace. While keeping her forms simple, Heather creates intricate patterns within the glass using the techniques of fusing, flameworking and casting. Heather’s designs are inspired by living and traveling around the world. She particularly is influenced by the textiles she sees and stories she hears. Her pieces aim to connect people with places around the world.